Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving death march

I put in a very long day at the Party BBJ tables again today. Over 11 hours at the $2/$4 tables, and for some "variety" at the end of the day, I mixed in some $3/$6 as well.

The very long online sessions I have been putting in lately have gotten me to thinking about last year's Party till you Cruise promotion. I never attempted to get a seat, but from what I understand there were two promotions:

first promo:
- first 20 players to earn 30k party points (they didn't specify regular points) were given a seat
about a week later, second promo:
- first 10 players to earn 15k regular party points were given a seat

Microbob was able to hit the target in the first promotion by playing 20k hands of $10/$20 6 max in 4 days during happy hours (to get double points).

If Party were to run another similiar promotion this year, I wonder how difficult it would be to get a seat. If they did it with a counting mechanism using regular party points, then it seems like Silver and Gold level members would have a tremendous advantage since they accumulate regular points at a faster rate.

I suspect there are a fair number of online pros that are capable of 8 tabling $10/$20 or higher to grind out those points in very short order. In last years promotion, in typical Party fashion, the information about the promotion was dumped out in a sudden fashion without a clear explaination of the rules. Many online pros were not aware of the start of the promotion and didn't get started until a half day or more into it. Some people used "teams" on the same account to play 24 hours a day.

I wonder if I would be capable of getting a seat in such a promotion. It probably would not be good for my health to try...

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