Thursday, November 10, 2005

lateness dictating the schedule...

Work commitments kept me late enough that I missed the start of the PCA super again tonight. So again, I sat down in the $100+9 MTT at Party. I managed to finish about 10 places higher than last night (28th/460), but this still only translated to a miniscule increase in prize money because of the extremely flat payout structure of the 11-50th places. Oh well, any cash is better than nothing I guess.

The slow play stalling was just as bad or worse tonight. Even during the hand for hand periods there were players on almost every table that would stall. It is a complete crapshoot at that point with between 7-10 hands being dealt per 15 minute level. It is pretty frustrating to have a decent size stack near the bubble then basically sit through 45 minutes to an hour of slow playing; then probably playing a couple of coin flips to see if you can make the final table. (or really just one coin flip if you lose your first one)

One thing I noticed is that there seems to be a bug in Party's s/w for the hand for hand logic. Frequently the first table that finishes a hand gets dealt another hand. I didn't have a chance to understand the exact pattern for this (i.e. if it was timing related, or depended on the state of the other tables, or if it just depended on if a raiser on the first table steals the blinds, etc...) partially because my table was never first to finish.

During the first couple of hours of the MTT, I signed in to Carribean Sun for the first time. I'm not sure if it was because it was relatively late, but there were only 1 $3/$6 6 max table and 2-3 $2/$4 6 max games going. (There were about the same number of games in other currencies. I'm not sure quite how that works yet, so I only sat in on US$ games). I worked off about 100 raked hands for the bonus from 1 $3/$6 and 1 $2/$4. I was worried at first that the $2/$4 6 max might not have enough qualifying raked hands, but quickly realized that the $20 pot size was not much of a problem. Small samples apply, but the $2/$4 was absolutely donkerific. There were 3 seperate hands vs. 3 seperate opponents where the genius opponent called a preflop raise or three bet, then proceeded to cap the flop and the turn and fold for a single bet on the river? My personal fav was 3 betting the turn and then folding to the cap from the 80/40/5.0 player. Nice...

I'll probably be kicked in the teeth on my next session there for talking about it. Hmmm, it is bad luck to be superstitious.

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