Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Perfect Perfect

(Perfect Perfect......actually not - see edit at bottom)

I have played live limit hold'em for about 7 years, and today I can "proudly" say that I have hit perfect perfect for the first time ever. (I have lost to perfect perfect 3 times in live play, and that ratio of just 3:1 is on the low side....)

My play is poor on every street of this hand. How's it possible to do the wrong thing 4 times in a row? My only "defense" about this hand was that the hand occured in the first hour when I like to do my advertising....

hand #1
live $8/$16 LHE, 9 handed
preflop: 4 limpers, Hero raises in SB with 5d4d, everyone calls (6 players, pot size 12 small bets)
flop: Tc9d5s, Hero checks, check, check, MP bets, everyone calls (6 players, pot size 18 small bets)
turn: Tc9d5s4c, Hero checks, check, check, MP bets, muck, muck, Hero raises, BB mucks, EP 3 bets cold, MP tanks and mucks (something like A5s), Hero asks how much EP has left since he was fairly short stacked (answer 1.75 big bets), Hero calls (2 players, pot size 16 big bets)
river: Tc9d5s4c5c, Hero bets, EP raises all in for 1.75big bets, Hero makes crying call

EP tables 44 for a 1 outer for the Hero, and given MP's hand, more completely - a perfect perfect.

Woot! Hilarity ensues....

(edit #1) ok, I have come to my senses and realized that this is not a perfect perfect hand. My record is still intact at 3:0.
As you might have noticed, there is a runner runner diamond draw on the flop for Hero.... (which was noticed by Hero in the actual hand)

(edit #2) ok, I ran Poker Stove on EP's range in this hand (which I comfortably put as TT-99, 55-44, T9s, 54s) and our equities are 93.388% and 6.612%. This works out to a ratio of 14.124 and the pot is offering me 14.5:1 (including the rake, and not including tip). This works out to a 0EV call (after tip). So I think I may have only made bad choices on 3 of 4 streets....