Friday, November 25, 2005

"I played all those raked hands and all I got is this lousy t-shirt?"

Well, not exactly. After the BBJ was finally hit (lucky bastards...), I started doing some serious multitabling of low limit Omaha 8 and $3/$6 6max at the cryptos. At the same time, I played the $10k and $25k freerolls that Party gave for playing 200 and 500 raked hands respectively yesterday (I played a wee bit more hands than this in my BBJ adventures....). I busted a couple off the bubble in the $10k, and I made the money in the $25k but not very deep. Interestingly for me, I encountered exactly only one situation where I could call anyone's bet or raise. My last hand of the $25k, it is folded to the button who pushes all in for 5x bb, folded to me in the BB with 4.5x bb, I have A9o, I call, he has A8o, 8 on the flop, it holds up, IGHN. Did I mention how much I love MTTs?

So no, I didn't get a lousy t-shirt (though I suppose I did earn enough Party points to order one). I received $162.50 for finishing in the 20's. Ya gotta finish deep in an MTT to make any dough. C'est la vie.

Boy the 6 max tables at Caribbean Sun were bonkers. Maybe I have just been playing too much 10 max lately. I really hate how you can't go to the Cashier until you leave the table. How the heck are you supposed to know when you've hit your raked hand target? Sneaky sneaky.... I guess I can just check my Poker Tracker database from time to time for the raked hand count.

UB has a special tournament on Saturday ($3+$0.30 rebuy) in which the top 10 finishers get to automatically release up to $1000 of their bonus dollars. I have well over this amount, so it would be nice to skip playing 20,000 raked hands if I can make the final table. Hopefully, I will be around tomorrow afternoon to play.

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