Monday, November 21, 2005

Grinding on...

Really nothing new to report. I played online exclusively this weekend.

I put in about 6k hands this weekend. This is likely the most hands I have played in a weekend so far this year. About 1/3 of the hands were at $10/$20. I estimate I'm making on the order of 1BB/100 hands of mistakes; the most frequent being calling down on the river. If I can trim this particular leak down (without going too far to the other extreme), I should do well in these games. I think my second biggest mistake is to bet marginal hands headsup into players that extremely frequently will bluff when sensing weakness. As I am generally playing 2 tables, I should be able to pick up on these situations more readily. (i.e. distinguishing between making a value bet with a marginal hand with a very loose caller vs. inducing a bluff from a player who won't call when I make a zero value bet)

The remaining 2/3 of the hands this weekend were at $3/$6 and $2/$4 jackpot tables. My rationalization was that with Party's Bad Beat Jackpot well into the +EV range, I will use the opportunity to grind out a large number of hands for my Party VIP target. With the BBJ in the $330k range, I will pretty much exclusively play the jackpot tables until it is hit.

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