Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Online Satellites

I've been playing online rebuy satellites for the last 4 days; namely $20, $27, $33 satellites, and $2, $3 qualifiers at Stars and Dise. So far, I've played somewhere between 15-20 of these.

I see a number of "name" online players in these events. So far, I've been at the same table as 5 players from PocketFive's tournament ranking list. I am not surprised that the players that win a large number of packages play in a ~lot~ of satellites. I suspect their success is not only because of quality but quantity as well.

I've become comfortable in 6-8 tabling a mix of games; 1-3 NL satellites with 4-5 small stakes limit ring games. In the past, I've disliked mixing Limit and No-Limit at the same time, but I don't think it is a big deal anymore. If I am in decent shape by the late 3rd hour of a sat, I will substantially cut down on the multitabling.

Some thoughts
1) I always rebuy on hand #1, and am willing to rebuy anytime I am permitted to during the first half hour. I will do an add-on if I am below average. I will likely not rebuy in the last couple of levels of the 1st hour.

2) During the second hour when I have no larger than 1.5x the average stack, I am perfectly content to jam (preflop or on the flop) in any situation that I strongly suspect I will successfully get my money in headsup in a coin flip (or better). You don't need to desperately search for these situations as they are very abundant given the loose play in these sats. My reasoning is that a large percentage of the big stacks are playing very loose and aggressive, so I am willing to take even money situations (at that stage of the sat) to build a stack that is capable of becoming a monster stack.

3) A monster stack is overrated. :P In these satellites anyway. Don't count on using the stack to push too many people around until fairly late in the sat. In these events, it seems to me that the benefits of a monster stack is mainly that you can be more conservative against small and average stacks (in that you don't have to get involved with them without a pretty strong hand), and you can see more flops againist other huge stacks with speculative hands. I think these things are true given the amount of time I have available to pay attention to a particular satellite. It would probably make more difference if I was dedicating 100% of my attention to just one table.

4) I need to better incorporate re-steals into my repetoire during the 3rd hour.

5) The 12 minute levels at Paradise (for these buy in levels) make for noticibly more short stack play during the mid and late levels when compared to the 15 minute levels at Stars.

6) I like to keep the tournament lobby windows handy (to keep track of the blinds, number of players, time to next level, etc), so it gets harder to multitable if playing 3 tournaments. I wonder if I should get another video card so that I can use a 3rd monitor.

That is all I can think of for now. Perhaps I will have more thoughts after sitting through a few more of these.

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