Monday, November 21, 2005

A silly first for me

Someone finally told me (in the table chat) that I'm a donkey. All this time I've been playing, I've only wondered, but now I've got the word.

While playing the $3/$6 Party BBJ tables last night, I put a pretty bad beat on one of my opponents (a 40/12/0.8). It occured during a lull at the tables where for no particular reason, the number of statistically favorable tables had suddenly dipped such that I was only playing on 4 tables and had enough time to pay attention to the table chat. I've probably been called a donkey plenty of times, but just never noticed.

The play of the hand is very straightforward.

hand #1
- preflop: Hero open raises in EP w AcQd, folded to MP+2 who cold calls, CO 3 bets cold, button cold calls 3, both blinds call, Hero and MP+2 call (6 players, 18 small bets)
- flop: Kd8d3h, checked to CO who bets, all call (6 players, 24 small bets)
- turn: Kd8d3hTd, checked to CO who bets, button calls, blinds fold, Hero calls, MP+2 folds (3 players, 15 big bets)
- river: Kd8d3hTdJc, Hero bets, CO calls with his KK, button calls with 99. (final pot 18 big bets)

CO was positively livid. He asked if I realized just how big a moron I was. I admitted that I probably had no idea. A couple of minutes later he asked if I had ever made a cashout before. I explained how the first thing I do after cashing my paycheck is to run over to Western Union to pump some $ into my Party account, is that what he means? Yet another couple of minutes later, he made the typical remarks about how I should keep playing at his table, and then he concluded with the ultimate insult: "Hey moron, I just made on note on you that you are a DONKEY!".

Woohoo, I feel like I finally popped my cherry.


A couple of things on the subject of the BBJ tables.
- I wish that Party would have "subfolders" for the various limits that are offered (the way they do with standard limit hold'em games). It would make it much easier to do game selection in the background by sorting by highest avg pot size without mixing up games from different stakes.
- Is there any way to check the current size of Party's BBJ on the www? (i.e. without starting the Party application) I couldn't find anything on their website.

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PokerSweetHome said...

Hey Dave,
Congrats on achieving Donkeyhood. So, if you are in the business of hunting, killing and eating Donkeys, does that make you a cannibal?
If Daniel Negreanu were playing on Party, he would probably be called a Donkey about once an hour for his starting hand selection, so wear your Donkey crown with pride.

BTW: I am a new poker blogger .. I'm chronicling a LHE experiment that I have started. Please check it out.