Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Marginal day

I managed to cash in the $109 NLHE at Party, but only in the 2nd lowest possible payout tier. I don't like the way I played on the bubble or after the bubble. The payout structure was so flat from 11-50th, that from 60->50, I folded my way into the money during which time I was constantly in the bottom 10 chip stacks. I was very conflicted about whether or not to attempt chip up on the bubble but chickened out since the structure was so flat. During my last few hands, I had the misfortune to have my table shut down right after taking my blinds, and then being moved into the UTG+2 position. And then I proceeded to push my 3.8BB stack from the UTG+1 position w A4o. I was called by a big stack's TT and a smaller stack's A5o and didn't suck out. Perhaps I didn't have much choice in my decisions. Oh well...
There were plenty of "slow players" at the late stages of this tournament. In my mind, the structure of the live ~$100 NLHE MTTs I've been playing are no worse than Party's $100 given the slow playing. In the 30-odd $60-$100 buy in Live MTTs I have ever played in, I have yet to see a person "slow play" late in the tournament (well, no more than 1 or 2 hands after which he/she will get severely scolded by others). I'm sure that there are people who do it, but to me it seems less likely to happen since being physically present with 8-9 other people that would get very mad at you is a big disuader.

My live game feels fairly solid these days, despite the lack of results (I'm up about 1.5BB in the last 5 session hours at $20/$40). For example, in today's 1.5 hour session up, despite making 1 zero value bet on the river, I otherwise think I bet all of my marginal hands correctly (getting calls from worse hands on the showdown, getting opponents to make incorrect folds on the turn, etc). Correct marginal decisions are the most satisfying aspect of playing limit hold'em.

I am still pretty bummed out from my online ring games. Tonight, I was playing 3 $3/$6 10 max tables, 2 $0.25/$0.50 Omaha/8 tables, 1 $2 omaha/8 MTT, and the 1 $109 NLHE MTT for a period of ~3 hours (I was too late to play in the PCA super).
At the low, I dropped over -35BB in the $3/$6 games. Roughly half a dozen outdraws on the river in medium (6-10BB) size pots, 2 cold deck situations (KK vs AA, set under set). By the end of the session, I was able to stem the loss at -17 BB.
I am currently -150BB off my peak at $3/$6 6 max and -160BB off my peak at $3/$6 10 max over my last 18k hands. Yuck. Nothing to be in a panic about, but losses don't give me that warm fuzzy feeling.
At least the MTT cash kept me in the black for the day.

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