Sunday, November 27, 2005

I am not a poker player

If anything, I'm a pokah playa. My last 2 sessions (~ 5 hours total) of online $10/$20 LHE, I've been playing terribly. At least 10BB of mistakes: 5x paying off an almost certainly better hand, 1x betting into an obvious made hand on the turn, 4x missing somewhat reasonable value betting opportunities (I am not a man, I am a mouse)

For most of the second session, I just felt like I was playing with my cards face up. It is so frustrating to feel so naked. Giving free cards at the wrong time, not taking free cards at the right time, showing too much turn aggression when all opponents are likely drawing dead, etc...

I did manage to finish both session in the black, but I left way too much on those tables. Another really bad thing is that, despite any other excuses I can come up with, the main reason I left the tables when I did was simply because I was up at that time. Most of the tables I was playing at were still at least reasonably good when I left. However, I just couldn't stand to have the rotten feeling of finishing a session in the hole, particularly when the amount of mistakes made exceeds the amount of the loss.

I know that the decision to stay in the game should be primarily based on the conditions of the game. My psychological state is just too fragile to take advantage of good games.


Busted early in both Party $10k and $25k freerolls yesterday both times w AA. runner runner gutshot in the first, flopped set in the 2nd. yuck; at least I managed to get all the chips in when I was ahead though.

I completely forgot to enter the special UB tournament. Damn, I've got to remember to pre-register for tournaments that I am interested in....

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