Thursday, November 10, 2005


I leave for Foxwoods on Saturday for a quick weekend trip. It is doubtful I will do anything more than play hold'em all weekend. I'm excited about the idea of playing new games (such as Omaha/8 or 2-7 TD), but I'm just not ready for midstakes live games. Maybe I am being overly cautious, but I think I will err on the conservative side. Perhaps in a few more weeks I won't feel like I would be such a donator in those games. Hopefully, I'll be able to make my debut in Vegas next month.

One positive aspect of this trip is that I will be forced to play a lot of live poker. I have really been playing a lot of online lately, and it has been almost mind numbingly boring. I swear I haven't played one interesting hand of limit hold'em for more than a week. I think this has to with the way I am spending my time. Live play has probably been representing about 1/2 of my playing time, but within that MTTs and $4/$8 Omaha/8 have been really cutting into the $20/$40 game time (which is only interesting if the game is tougher than usual).

One goal I will have for this weekend is to learn ~something~. I don't know what that is yet, but I would at least like to come back a little more "educated" (although preferably not because I'm broke).


I made it home early enough tonight to play in the PCA super. I also found out today there is a good chance that I won't be able to travel to Atlantis when the PCA is running. Bah, there is a far better chance that I won't win a seat, so I stubbornly enter anyways. I made it moderately deep but really blinded down late in the 3rd hour, until I took a stand w 8xbb (since this was a winner take all MTT) and got called by that monster hand A3o. 0/2 in MTT coin flips tonight, which is a good thing because I'm saving up all my winning coin flips for the big one.

The reason I might not be able travel to Atlantis is that my immigration status might impose international travel restrictions at that time. I should look into which sites will be offering supers to the US based WPT events in January (like Full Tilt's winners choice), or otherwise save my efforts for when sites start running WSOP supers.

A good thing about being knocked out from the PCA super already is that I can try to book a little more sleep tonight to save up for the weekend....

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