Saturday, October 15, 2005

Triple Draw 2-7

For some new variety, I took at shot at some micro limit 2-7 triple draw. I have very little idea what I am doing.

I read D. Negreanu's chapter in SS2 a while back, and I tried playing with the book open. It is very entertaining to try and learn a completely new game.

I'm not even sure how to interpret the likely hand ranges for betting actions.
In a 6 handed game, 4 players call a bet on the 3rd round from the player on button. Everyone draws at least 1 card on the last draw. I make a number 2 in the 2nd position (BB). It is checked to the button who bets, SB check raises. What do I do? What is the liklihood I'm facing a wheel? I mean, is this the equivalent in Hold'em of having the best possible full house when an opponent has quads? I'm not sure if I should only be going for an overcall here. Anyway, I three bet and was 4 bet by the nuts.

Gotta live and learn.

The nice thing about this game is that it is always short handed. I like the environment where you need to make frequent and meaningful decisions.

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