Friday, October 28, 2005


Weekly review

In the past week, my playing time has been divided roughly 75/25 online/live. The online portion was approximately 80% $3/$6 6max HE at Party, 20% bonus clearing at UB and Stars at $3/$6 HE 10max. Live play has been roughly a 50/50 mix of $4/$8 Omaha HiLo 1/2 kill and $20/$40 HE.

My last 7000 hands of Party $3/$6 6 max has been an anemic +1.5BB/100h, despite what have been tremendously good games. I have felt overburdened when trying to play more than 4 tables at a time, and I think in the last week my average number of tables is slightly less than 4. When playing more than 4 tables, I think I miss far too much information. Generally, I try to play for multiple one hour sessions with at least a very short break between each session. More than half of the sessions were either > +50BB sessions or -50BB. Variance is really sick. I've been ramping up my aggression factor on the turn and river, and this may be contributing to increased variance.

The $3/$6 experiment could take a couple more months at this rate. After plugging my latest $3/$6 6 max WR/SD numbers into the spreadsheet, I'm somewhere between a -2.85BB/100h to +5.95BB/100h player. At $3/$6 10max, I'm a -0.55BB/100h to +2.90BB/100h. Yup, that is really helpful info...

New games

On the learning front, I'm enjoying the learning aspect of playing new games. I've read that the Wynn has started spreading a $10/$20 mixed game - Hold'em, Omaha8, Stud8, 2-7 Triple Draw and Razz. With a Vegas trip coming up in early December, it would be a nice goal to develop enough experience in each of those games to be able to take a shot at that mixed game. I would be content to play in this game even with an EV of 0 (just for the experience). I wouldn't be willing to play though if my EV is worse than -1BB/hr, which is very very possible. I can't see any way I can judge this, and it will naturally depend on the opponents who happen to be at the table.

I read a really good review of High-Low-Split Poker by Ray Zee, so I think I will order this book to help prep for the mixed games.

Intermediate plans

I haven't decided exactly what games I will play on my upcoming Foxwoods trips (naturally it depends on what games are running, but given that a WPT event will be running, there should be a ton of great games). My preference currently leans towards $30/$60 Limit Hold'em or $2/$5 No Limit HE.

I've decided to set aside $3000 of my bankroll (and just as importantly the correspondingly appropriate amount of table time) to play in satellites for major events in the next 3 months. In order of preference, I'm interested in: 1) the WPT event at my local poker room, 2) the main event of the 2006 WSOP, 3) any other event at the 2006 WSOP, 4) any major US based event, 5) any North American based event, 6) any European event.

I intend to focus a substantial amount of my effort on #1 since it should be the least intrusive on my day job should I qualify. (there will be satellites both online and live for this event)

The plan is to spend the entire $3k on various types of satellite entries, and see how many seats I can obtain. Any cash winnings from these events will go directly back into the general poker bankroll. Any tips I give (if I win a bricks and mortar satellite) will come from this $3k.

I'm going to arrogantly predict that with my $3k investment, I will complete the experiment with +$3k in seats and cash. I will track my progress and post my results weekly.


eric said...

Re: Wynn 10/20 mix. I played in it once, and it was a pretty good game. Let me know when you come out here and we can hit it up together.

Re: tournaments. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe I should do that, too. Do you have a specific plan of attack, as in particular sites or supersats you'll be playing?

d said...

Hi Eric,

Re: Wynn 10/20 mix. Do you recall if the mix was Hold'em, Omaha8, Stud8, 2-7 Triple Draw and Razz? The latest I'll be in Vegas is the first week of December. If I get a chance to come sooner, I'll definitely let you know.

Re: Tournaments. Actually, I am considering deploying more than half of the committed bankroll to live satellites. Live supers (similar to live ring games) are substantially softer than their equivalent online ones. Given the size of my overall poker bankroll, it is pretty reasonable for me (from a EV$/hr respective) to play in ~$100 supers. It probably is not for someone at your level.

For online strategy, I'm leaning towards playing a lot of $10-$30 sub-tournaments (probably a mix of SNGs and MTTs) that win seats in the ~$300 buy in supers. My reason is that it takes ~very~ little attention to play these, and I can still 2-4 table ring games at the same time. I don't have any thought on which sites to play on (probably the online super schedules vs my own personal schedule will dictate this for me).

I haven't decided on whether or not to play in Stars Doubleshootout type events. As I recall, if you win your first round (but don't win the 2nd round) you pretty much get your money back. I think if I played double shootouts I would revise my "rules" such that if I won my entry fee back, then this money could remain in the tournament bankroll.

At any rate, my guess is that the fields are much softer in a $200 or $300 super than a double shootout since there will probably be a higher percentage of idiot qualifiers.


eric said...

The Wynn mix when I played it was HORSET--the traditional HORSE lineup plus 2-7 TD. So in addition to your list, regular Stud.