Friday, October 21, 2005

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Lately, my online play (not just results) has been very iffy. I decided to play live for a change since I've made increasingly poor decisions during the rapid pace of online play as my confidence deteriorated (playing alternatively too weak or too aggressive at precisely the wrong times). (nice run on sentence....)

Overall, my last couple of live sessions have been a real moral booster.

Table selection tonight was the toughest call to make. There were 2 main games at the $20/$40, and both featured 1 truly horrible player and 1 fairly bad player. I didn't have the best seat at my table, but I still elected to remain in the first main game. Fortunately, the fairly bad player at the other table decided to do a table change, so it worked out better for me anyway.

My next big tournament is on Saturday, and it is a Limit Hold'em event. It is fantastic that I had this confidence boost so close to the start of this event.

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