Friday, October 14, 2005

8 tabling

The Party Bad Beat Jackpot has still not been hit, and has climbed to close to $550k. Hence, I gave another go at 8 tabling $3/$6 10 max.

All in all, I would say that 8 tabling is quite busy, but noticibly less stressful than 6 tabling 6 max (or perhaps even 4 tabling 6 max). I think I contradict myself sometimes where I say I like all the decisions that need to be made in shorthanded play, and then the very next day I'll say how much I like the more relaxed situations in full table play. I guess I just need some variety.

I was pretty pleased with myself in the last session. I think I only "tsk'd" once, and the dreaded "I can't believe it" didn't make an appearance (even when pocket deuces made a set on the river to my overpair, waah waah).

I had a moment of (false) excitment in the middle of the session. I turned quad Qs when the rainbow board had no overcards and was check raised by a calling station! I three bet him and chanted to myself, "pair the board, pair the board, pair...the...board". He check folded the river, so I guess he was just bluffing with a PP. Surprising behavior for a classified calling station. I think I had over 200 hands on him. That is not a huge number of hands, but was still fairly out of character. He got me all excited for nothing.

For those of you who don't know, the bad beat jackpot is awarded whenever a player with a hand at least as good as four of a kind (8's) is beaten. Assuming a 10 seated table, the loser gets 35% of the total jackpot. The winner gets 17.5%. The other 8 players get ~2%. Here's an article on bad beat jackpots.
I'm sure I could have found a good use for $94k.....

Actually, the $100k bad beat jackpot at a local poker room was hit during my last tournament there. It was at a $3/$6 table where a lady's quad 4s were whomped by quad 7s (there is a lower qualification standard for bad beat; just any quads beaten). Surprisingly the cheering was not that long in duration. I have seen retards celebrate more after winning an all in coin flip in the middle of a tournament (long before being close to the money). I guess all those players were just so stunned. The lady got a check for ~$26k after IRS withholding. I can only imagine how many people asked her for a "loan" on her way out....

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