Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Omaha H/L 8/B

During my last trip to the poker room, there were long lists for all games except for a small stakes ($4/$8) Omaha H/L 8/B game with 1/2 kill. While waiting for a $20/$40 HE seat, I decided to take my first shot at live Omaha.

I made a resolution not to post any hand histories in my blogging entries anymore, but I'll just say that it wasn't until after the completion of the first hand that I realized that we were playing a H/L game. :P

I really need to look up some info on starting hand selection in Omaha H/L! Omaha is a game with such a large number of possibilities, and H/L makes it even more so.

It was a very fun and interesting experience, and it re-inforces the idea to me that I should continue to search for new games and experiences to keep the game of poker interesting.

There were quite a few rules that I was unsure about ranging from whether straights or flushes affected your low, to whether or not a kill button affects the order of play preflop (in the only 1/2 kill hold'em game I have played in, the player with the kill button acts last preflop but normally postflop; but in this Omaha kill game, the player with the kill button acts in normal order on every street).
I was also occasionally struggling to view my 4 hole cards easily. I ended up viewing my first two hole cards as they were dealt, and then viewing the 2nd 2 hole cards seperately.

Anyway, I finished my first and only session of live Omaha in the black. Woo hoo!

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