Thursday, October 13, 2005


With the Party Bad Beat Jackpot approaching $500k, I decided to spend some table hours there. For some variety, I decided to try 8 tabling for the first time (again $3/$6). The main thing that strikes me is that at any point in the session, I really did not have a sense of how well or bad I am running overall for the combined sessions. There are lots of big pots, and I always rebuy if I drop to less than 2/3 of a standard buyin. Without adding up all the totals from all the tables and rebuys, I have no idea how things are going. Perhaps this is a first time thing that I will adjust to.
I also have to kick myself from time to time to keep doing table selection in the background.
I have a 20" LCD monitor on the right and a 19" CRT on the left. (I've been waiting a couple of weeks now for a decent deal for another Dell 2001FP. Prices are a good 20% higher than the all time low. I already have a 2nd 20" LCD, but I decided to bring that to work to keep my eyes from tiring out during the day). I was tending to miss more of the action on the leftmost 2 tables. The CRT is a bit dark, and also I think I am seated more centered on the LCD mon. I should probably adjust this.


Pit of despair
I joined in a live $20/$40 game yesterday. The game was quite a mixed bag. There were 2 really terrible players at the table, a tricky but decent LAG, a semi aggressive regular (who is usually passive), a very good prop, a very ABC player, and a couple of semi-loose aggressives. I took my seat to the immediate left of the good prop. At the time I sat down, I was only familar with the regular and the prop.

I thought it would be a nice learning experience to sit next to the prop. I believe this gentleman to be the 2nd best prop at this poker room. He usually has a very good feeling for where he is at and gets good value from his hands. He is a grizzled veteran, who surely has taken a whole lot of bad beats of the years. So I would have expected it would take a lot to get him on tilt.

However, he went on tilt relatively quicker than I would have guessed. I think at the time I sat down he had roughly 3 racks, and I do remember him chipping up during the next 20 minutes. He took a couple of bad beats, and was still relatively composed. However, some other players, who rarely bluff, pushed him off hands on the turn, and then showed the bluff. He then proceded to take a 5 outer and then a runner runner in the same orbit, and from there on he was just quickly calling people down on the turn and the river. It was disturbing to watch him go down in flames. He left after his chip stack was busted.

I'm pretty sure he was at about the 8 hour mark of his shift, but he has been playing for so many years. How can that still happen to him? There may have been more history that occured before I sat down. However, at the very least, he could have at least gone for a walk to settle down. I guess anyone can go on tilt.


Well, just 2 more days until my $100k freeroll. I really can't wait...

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