Saturday, October 29, 2005

PCA or bust

Whew, I'm 2nd in the $30+$3 PCA (PokerStars Caribbean Adventure) super tonight with 22 players remaining. Just one $12k seat and 5 $650 consolation prizes. Who the heck cares about finishing in the money? It is first or bust!

My QQ went in preflop against a smallish stack's KK and didn't suck out...

Damn, I'm an idiot. I was in the SB w AA w 19xBB. UTG+1 opens for 3xbb, CO flat calls, I pop it to 11xBB. Both fold.
17 more to go.

Woohoo, final table. I'm 2nd last.... :(

"I'm in the money. So little money...."

Well, just before the third break I lost an all in coin flip when my A9o couldn't hold off KQo. I've dropped from about 20% of total chips down to 8% of total chips with 5 players remaining. Boy, I feel so out of practice playing a winner takes all 5 person sitngo. I'm playing way too scared.

Well, I got my last 66k chips in with a dominated hand K9o vs AKo and did not suck out. I finished 5th for a pay out of $650.

I really hate myself for the way I played in the last hour. There were 2 occasions that I had a monster (AA preflop, and trips on the flop) in 3 way situations, and I bet my opponents out of the pot. In the trips hand (with ~8 players remaining), there was a flush draw on the flop so I made a definitive raise on the SB's flop bet from the BB to protect my hand. In this winner takes all format, I should definitely try to trap my opponents to get them all in on the turn.

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