Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Okay, in the last two days I have lost 15% of my entire online bankroll. What the hell am I doing?

This is probably the worst I have ever felt about my poker results. It has been a fairly rough 2 weeks, followed by a horrific 48 hours.

I don't believe that I am calling down too much on the river. I keep getting that sick feeling when a seemingly harmless card hits on the river when I am headsup and I am bet into or raised by someone who has been calling me all the way. I have been paying off the the majority of the time in 6-8BB sized pots (and catching very ridiculous bluffs approximately the same inverse ratio of the time), but the rivered ugly 2 pair or rivered set is what really has been driving me absolute nuts.

Are these types of situations driving me to uber tilt? Probably yes. I think I need to resolve myself to not play again until I carefully review my worst couple of sessions. I think I played like complete crap in the later half of those sessions.

Calm down. Rationally and honestly review the data. Find and plug the leaks.

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