Friday, December 02, 2005

Yo yo

Today was a down and up day. I dropped another 20BB in the live $20/$40 game. The game conditions were good but worse than yesterday. I was involved in only 2 large pots which I both lost.

I had a couple of short but decent $10/$20 sessions at Party which bounced me back a fair amount for the day.

I noticed that Party has been adding $2000 to the $100+$9 9pm (PST) NLHE MTT, so I signed up tonight. With over 500 entrants, the overlay turned out to be worth less than $4 (way to find that value Dave!). I was able to cash in the mid 30's. No coin flip situations, no bad beats given or taken. Amazing.
Anyway, I have yet to make it very deep in this event. However, the field is so much softer than comparable MTTs at Stars, so I would like to continue playing more of these $109 9pm weekday events.


I finally got around to updating my spreadsheet. I finished in the black for the month of November only due to bonuses. Yuck.

Summary for satellite entries (since 10/29):
$ spent: $627 out of max $3000
$ returned to general poker bankroll: $2150
Net W$ or $T: W$29 (spent W$621 on $33 PCA supers)
Other: $10k Bay 101 WPT seat

I really didn't put in the time I intended for online supers in the later half of the month. I finished a few times in the low 20s in the $33 PCA supers, but with only 1 seat being typically awarded, I've got to do a better job of building a stack in the early - mid parts of the tournament.


UB is having a silly promotion where they are giving away 7 50" Plasma TVs to players for accumulating Ultimate Points. I say it is silly because of their implementation. They are basing the promotion on the % increase in play in December compared to November. It required a minimum of 50 points being earned in the month of November.

I can see the strategy that UB has which is to essentially target the player who has only been giving a small amount of business to the site. However, it provides no incentive to high volume players.

Hence, players who had slightly over 50 points earned are at a huge advantage over players who put in a lot of table time. It is so much easier to have a 1000% increase in points when starting from such a low number.

I myself earned 65 points in November, and this is pretty darn lucky considering the way they structure the promotion. However, I really don't know how interested I am in the prize. In theory, if you win such a prize, you are required to report the value of the item on your tax return. Hence, this will effectively mean that if I win a TV, I will actually be buying the TV for about 60% off MSRP. By searching for a deal online you will likely be able find a decent deal without having to take a specific model (that 50" is way too large for our apartment). Anyway, I'll worry about that if and when I'm on the leader board. :P

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