Monday, December 26, 2005

temporary RSI relief

Recently I have been having discomfort in my hand when using the mouse. I may be developing something like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I have been stupidly procrastinating from going to see the doctor.

In the interim, I installed and modified an autohotkey script from This is a very welcome relief to my mouse hand. I modified the sample scripts they provided to use the F1-F12 keys. (F1-F4 for betting actions, F5-F12 for 8 tabling). I didn't like using any of the numeric keys or arrow keys because of the necessity to type numbers when playing no limit and the occasional need for arrow keys when typing comments. Multitabling is substantially easier with this new setup.

Speaking of multitabling....


I didn't succumb to the lure of attempting to win a Party Cruise package this weekend from the monthly VIP promo (1st 30 VIPs to earn 25k Party Points are awarded a $12k package), but I was pretty intrigued reading the exploits of MicroBob's and TheMetetron's attempts. I have to say that TheMet is truly sick.... with all the vigor and enthusiam of youth...

Reading that kind of a post really makes me wary of attempting such a marathon. Clearly it is essential to have Gold Status, and the most obvious effective tactic is to use a team. I'd rather attempt the marathon (from the probability-of-success point of view) with a team having a razor-thin $3/$6 bankroll (BBJ) than solo with no bankroll limitations.


F.J. Delgado said...

nice blog you have here, my friend.

i'm linking you up, best of luck killing off those donkeys!

cc said...

i couldn't even finish reading that sick list of responses regarding the marathon. Brutal, brutal, brutal.