Friday, December 02, 2005

Weekend challenge

My wife is going to be out of town this weekend, so I'm looking at a nice block of completely uninterupted time to partake in degenerate poker activity.

I've been brooding for most of the day in my cube (by the way, PokerSweetHome wrote a great post on the life of a full-time-corporate-worker-part-time-poker-player) about how best to utilize this opportunity, and I'm considering 2 primary choices.

1. Travel to Commerce, CA to play for 48 hours in the biggest poker room in the world.
2. Play in a massive number of online MTTs at home in my underwear.

I initially was heavily in favor of option #1, but the more and more I think about it, option #2 is actually more of a unique opportunity for me.

I'm going to budget a maximum of $2500 to play a continuous stream of between 4-6 simultaneous NLHE MTTs. I intend to play in all the $200 Sunday events at the major sites, and pretty much any NLHE events between the $3 - $50 range (including plenty of satellites) such that I can be continuously in 4-6 events. If I have trouble staying in the targetted number of events, I will fill the gap with $10/$20 LHE at Party.

I really have no feel for how much of the $2500 I am likely to blow through since I've never tried anything like this before.

I also don't have any particular goals. However, my theme as it always is in MTTs is that I will play to finish deep and not to finish in the money. I will bear no shame in being the bubble boy. Okay, okay my exception is going to be if I am a very short stacked on the bubble which I will roughly define as having all of the following conditions:
- my chip stack is less than 25% of average chips and less than 10x bb
- my chip ranking is slightly better than 'n' where 'n' is the number of places being paid
- the # remaining players is less than 105% of 'n'.
No sense throwing money away if I'm not in decent chip shape anyways.

Given my typical tendency to bury my head in a hole when things aren't going my way or to brag brag brag if things are going well, I will either post a mid-weekend update or wait until Monday morning to post the results of all the damage.

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