Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Get it while you can...

Party is one of the few sites that provides for automated access to observed hand histories. The ability to have 10 simultaneously open tables provides access for a massive amount of data mining. I data mine from Party 24/7, and although I only started doing this seriously relatively recently, I have imported well over a million hands in the last few months.

There are some indications that in the very near future Party will be dropping support for observed hand histories.

The short-term implication for me is that I will give more thought to the types of games that I am spending my data mining time on. I think my database is light in the $15/$30 and $2/$4 games, very light in the $20/$40 and $30/$60, and somewhat light in the MTTs and $10/$20 6max. So I need to carefully consider which games are most important for me to mine before Party closes the door.

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