Monday, March 13, 2006


In some ways I could consider the last few weeks to be a miniview into what it would be like to be a professional small stakes grinder. The main driving influence into this mindset has been the Party VIP Acceler-8-tor promotion.

Comparatively speaking, the VIP promotion I received was a decent one for my play level. Assuming aggressive bonus clearing rates, I can clear my bonus obligations by consuming 1/2 of my "normal" poker time each week. The bonus is structed in a way that the I am heavily encouraged to hit a weekly target for 8 consecutive weeks. A significant portion of the bonus decreases exponentially for each week that the target is not met.

My original and current intention is to hit the target for all 8 weeks to max out the bonus.

The first week, I had no schedule conflicts or other distractions, and I was able to hit the weekly target by the 4th day.

The second week, the target was artificially reduced by Party due to the outages that occured during the major software upgrade of their site. Hence, I easily hit the weekly target by roughly the 4th day again.

During the third week, there were a number of other distractions - I played in the Bay 101 Shooting Stars, I went deep in an online MTT, as well as some other distractions in my personal life. As a result, I staggered to the finish late on the 7th night just barely making the cut.

This week, the 4th week, for various reasons I am again cutting it very close to the deadline. Additionally, I do feel rather weary about the prospect of putting in these hours. However, due to the bonus structure, my "bonus-only hourly rate" is approximately $300/hr and that is sufficient motivation to get the job done.

Baring any unexpected day-job or personal life emergencies, I'll get those table hours in, although I'm not particularly happy or excited about it.


cc said...

You should outsource play with one of the large outsourcing companies in India--this would increase your play and allow you to play virtually 24 hours a day.

d said...

Unpaid child labor is another alternative I'm considering....