Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Keep It Simple Stupid

I started writing a summary of my poker happenings for the last week, but it just came out as a long drawn out version of a "results" post that appears on so many other blogs. Instead a summary:

online MTTs and Supers: I feel the need to puke
online ring games: I play goot
bonus whoring: meh
live play: nada


Completed my Party VIP bonus this week with ~plenty~ of time to spare. There is a whole 9 hours before the next (and finally last!!) week of the current promo, so this means I have some time to actually play some live Hold'em. Who knows, there might even be some interesting hands played. One can only hope. $40/$80 here I come!

Back from the live session. Playing 10 handed full ring is like watching paint dry. However, there was one fun hand.
I raised UTG with 2 black kings, and it is capped coming back to me. Flop comes KKQ rainbow. The dealer wasn't helpful enough to put an A or J or another Q out there, but it was still a nice pot anyways. When you are running goot you wish you were playing in bigger games...

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