Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Notes to self

MTT Rules to live by
1. When playing against a loose passive player
1a. value bet, value bet, value bet
1b. don't be concerned with overbetting as it really doesn't apply; be concerned about underbetting (in many cases betting the pot against said player could be considered an underbet)
2. If said loose passive player check raises you all in:
2a. think carefully with 2nd nuts
2b. think very carefully with 3rd nuts
2c. for each level of nuts beyond this, add another "very". If you've got a lot of "very"s in that line, send that hand into the muck. (Yes, 13th nuts is a lot of very's)
2d. if you have a borderline number of very's and are still thinking about calling, try to imagine that someone who you have mutual respect with has substantially staked you in this MTT. Consider if you can present a reasonable case for calling. (e.g. you have insufficient pot odds against Villain's range, but when folding your M is less than 1)
3. When raising to steal a tight player's blinds, raise no more than is necessary to make TP fold the majority of his/her hands.


cc said...

2e. Never shrug your shoulders before calling an all-in unless you really need to go somewhere or have to go to the bathroom.

d said...

I'll have to remember this reverse tell if we ever play live together... :P