Monday, February 27, 2006

Missed the Phil Ivey death blow

Things are going okay at the moment. I have slightly over average chips at the dinner break. My M is slightly below 16. Things are going to start getting a little strained in a couple of levels if I can't get some more chips. Basically I have had the same stack for the last 4 hours...

At my starting table, I had Phil Ivey 3 to my left. Things went very well against him, as I managed to acquire about 6500 of his chips. I missed the death blow as seat 10 finished him off a couple of hands later. Damn! That $5k bounty would have been nice.

Interesting I have had only one showdown so far... when the SB slow played his AA to my button open raise and he almost lost a big one when I relatively cheaply got to see the river with an OESD.

Okay, gotta get back...

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