Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun and exciting times in the land of Party

As everyone is probably aware, Party has released a major site upgrade today.

I am actually surprised how widespread and comprehensive the changes are. At the very least, they have UI changes, tournament structure changes (antes), new games and SNG levels (e.g. 6 max and NL jackpot, smaller stakes SNGs, timed and turbo SNGs), website changes, and Party store changes.

It is pretty surprising to see that Party would ambitiously simultaneously change so many things all at the same time. Not sure why they would choose to do them all simultaneously, but if they can pull it off then kudos, I guess. I hope the transition goes without too many headaches.

The timing of doing this on Thursday morning does make sense. All the hardcore grinders and pros can help to identify issues today, so that the platform will hopefully be stable for the weekend. I noticed this morning that their site status notice kept changing. The site will be up by 11am EST, then 12pm, then 1pm, then 2pm. The revenue loss that Party will take if they are not up during prime time hours is motivation enough for their deployment team. However, doing so many changes at the same time seems like a receipe for headaches. At the very least, their web servers are going to be taking ginormous load for the next few days.

I'm excited about going home tonight and checking out the new changes, assuming the site is up. Hopefully this affair doesn't turn out to be another one of those "what not to do" case studies....

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