Monday, February 27, 2006


There is no other way to describe it.

I made a ridiculous donk call to a turn check raise all in with top pair top kicker on a draw heavy board from a relatively passive player getting less than 3 to 1. The player was very rarely aggressive, and the absolute worst possible hand that was not a (semi)bluff he could have is the same hand as me. I can fold and still have 63% of average chips. Instead I call with a 3 outer, and bust 105th/250.

The only rationale I could have for putting my opponent on a semibluff is that I had started to get frisky in the last 2 orbits. I had actually been taunting my opponents after check raising them trying to act like a cocky little bastard. However, he was not a sophisticated player, and there was no solid grounds for possibly thinking he was making a move. The majority of the time I am drawing dead. For some insane reason I was able to convince myself that my taunting had worked and he was just fed up with me and pushed with his massive stack.

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