Thursday, August 25, 2005

Upcoming weekend

My next trip to Vegas is this weekend. Woohoo!

I've put some thought into how I will allocate my time.

My first thoughts had been that the best games should be in the midnight to 6am time frame. However, even if this is the case, given my immediate circumstances, this still may not be the best time for me to play.

Based on reviewing my live results for the last few months in terms of the time-of-day, my results from best to worst are: mid day, morning, mid afternoon, early evening, late night. I actually don't have a lot of data for the evening/late night sessions. Even for the other time periods, my sample sizes are not large. Results may not be meaningful. I also track "known mistakes", and the only clear thing that seems to pop out is that I make very few mistakes during mid day and mid afternoon sessions.

My internal clock seems to be having a significant influence. I've tried resting before late night sessions, but my mind is still not very sharp. Short term memory is not as good. My attention wanders.

I see that pro players that can shift back their clocks effectively by 6-12 hours have a tremendous advantage since they can play at a time they are at their best and their avg opponent is at his worst.

I do not know quite what to expect for day games. During my late July trip, the day time games were packed with locals.

I've decided that I will play 30/60 or 40/80 at the Bellagio or Mirage on Saturday afternoon (depending on wait lists, game quality, time constraints - like where and when we are meeting up for dinner; for these reasons I may end up playing in 15/30 or 20/40 games). After dinner, I think my friends will want to play craps before heading to the various types of clubs, and since this is the only chance I'll have to join them, table games it will be then. After this, I think I will head to Mirage to play 20/40 for a few more hours.

Unless I am quite wrong about the number of locals playing in the daytime games, Sunday I plan on playing in the daily $500+40 NL tourney at the Bellagio. I really don't know if I should bother with playing a satellite, however my default plan will be to do so. The reason is that I am feeling quite good about my single table SNG skills at the moment. The tourney starts at 2pm, and if I last a very long time, I'm likely only going to play 8/16 or 10/20 for a few hours after dinner. If I make a very quick exit, I will give 30/60 another shot.

I had better get good rest for the next couple of nights. During my last Vegas trip, my sleep schedule was totally messed up. I don't want to go through that again.

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Dr. Pauly said...

Good luck in Vegas!