Monday, August 01, 2005

Don't play tired

I decided to take a shot at a midnight live no limit tourney. My major mistake was to enter this tournament while I was rather tired.

I made numerous questionable decisions that I chalk up to fatigue. I folded the best hand against a player that I believe would only have been bluffing in a particular situation, I gave free cards, I pushed all in vs a late position limper (trapper), etc...

However, I managed to double up 4 or 5 times (there is an incredible degree of luck in this very fast structure tournament). In the end, I finished a little short of the money in a situation where I called an all-in reraise against the chip leader. My chip stack would have been only a little below average if I had folded to his reraise, and I should have picked a better spot to take a stand.

This is just a reminder to myself not to play tired. Silly silly silly.

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