Thursday, August 18, 2005

Grinding away

I'm continuing to split my focus between improving my live game play and also building up the bankroll. Most days I play 2 sessions, a short live session and a slightly longer online session. (The day job really gets in the way!!! :P)

My net results from yesterday were my 2nd best ever for ring games. The live game was very average but I was fortunate to win a couple of sizable pots where my big hands held up, but just as importantly get in quite a few value bets on the marginal hands. The big pots really stand out in people's minds, but those marginal hands where you win (or save) 2-3 extra big bets per hour make a gigantic difference. The online session was the standard donk-fest. My Euro account still only has around $2k, so I'm still quad tabling at $3/$6. My online funds are spread out among too many accounts, and I should repatriate a decent amount at least to neteller so that I can at least feel comfortable playing $5/$10 6 max at Euro.

Today, I gave back about a third of yesterday's wins. The $20/$40 live game today was truly amazing. There was one player who cold called 2 or 3 bets cold preflop > 25 times in one hour. Even if this was not enough action, he then proceeded to go on tilt when he got 14 outed on the turn after flopping middle pair headsup. He simply was furious that some "horrible" player could suck out on him "like that". He is probably the 4th worse player I have ever seen play at $20/$40, but he was at the same table as 2 more in the top ten. This made for quite a game.

I ended up finishing the session down 11BB after roughly 75 hands, but that doesn't change the fact that this was a great game.

There were at least 2 occasions where I had top pair top kicker or better on the flop 3 way where I bet and was raised and 3 bet cold by 2 worse hands. I have to remember when I'm in games like this not to slow down when getting this kind of action from wild players.
It has been quite some time since I have been in a live game like this. Actually because of my scheduling, I'm often playing in moderately tough games with 1-3 props and 1-3 winning pros. This is a completely different beast. It is actually a lot more interesting, though I'd have to say my personal favorite is when there is a big diversity in skills and playing styles at the table.

At this point in my poker playing lifetime it is a bit of a toss up. The really good, or even moderately good games are usually not that mentally interesting. The tough but educational games have extremely poor financial returns.

Anyway, in the near future I will try to schedule my time better so that I can play in some more action based live games.

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