Saturday, May 13, 2006

Note to self

Never never sit with a short stack in a limit game where betting is uncapped headsup. In fact, just do yourself a favor and make sure you have everyone covered.

You never know when someone is going to go 20BB on the river w the nut flush on a double paired board.


cc said...

"But I flopped the nut flush..." I'd have to slow down after 10, I would think there were quads there. Bellagio 15/30 hand I was in 1s, I fold, 2s (who had AA cracked then won with KK in the first orbit) raises and 3s and 4s call. Flop comes 872 rainbow, capped; 8 on turn bet/call/raise/re-raise/ etc (2s ends up all-in), 7 on river and there is a bet from 3s/4s raises/3s calls. 2s has 77, 3s has 22, 4s has 88. The 2s then says, "I would have checked the river," which I then shout, "I would have driven to an ATM to keep betting."

d said...

It was a funny hand. The board was 775KK. I had KK.
By the time we reached 10 BB on the river, I started thinking I had pulled my first ever perfect perfect. I was even starting to check what the qualifications were on this site for this Bad Beat Jackpot. (no it would not have qualified)

Will Palango said...

hahahah thats crazy!