Friday, May 12, 2006

Grinding away

Online Ring games

Poker time has been primarily focused on online LHE ring games again.

Recently, I've started playing $20/$40 6max, and given the higher stakes, the amount of effort I put into game selection is even higher.

The nice thing about playing so high (by my standards), is that I'll seldom need to play more than 2 games at a time. This allows for better concentration, and hopefully more learning. It has been a swingy experience so far; partially because of the fewer hands played, but also due to the nature of those games. If I'm not busto by the end of the month, I just might pick up a thing or two.

One other benefit of 2 tabling: Since I don't need to reserve so many Fn keys, I have been able to tweak my autohot key scripts so that they can safely be used at any site (including the ones that do the stupid focus stealing), not just Party. It is quite a relief for my weary mouse hand.

Live play

Some weekend day this month, I'm going to try for a 12-14 hour marathon live LHE session to get a feel for my endurance. In the past, I've been very sloppy towards the end of long sessions, but I'm hoping that my regular daily cardio workouts (which are now up to a 25 day streak!) might help. It will be nice to get a feel for how long I can focus. I have definitely found that I'm noticeably more alert during the mid-evening time frame (~9pm) than just a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this translates over to marathon sessions...

Online supers

I was happy to learn (from this post from SamENole) that Full Tilt accomodates players who have won WSOP ME seats from other venues in their WSOP ME supers. This is an example of classy behavior by a classy company.
The structure of their $200 supers is a little better than at Party and Stars (despite the $1 higher vig), and with this policy, I will be entering more of the FTP WSOP supers.

With the rescheduling of the HORSE event, I'm thinking of playing in one or more of events 21-23 after I quickly bust out of the HORSE. With the plan to play in events 41-45 if I make an early exit in the ME, there is a good chance that I could use the lammers. I'm budgeting another $2k of my bankroll for WSOP supers on FTP and the Cryptos; too bad there is never any overlay for the ME supers at these sites...

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