Saturday, July 30, 2005

"An ace on ~every~ flop"

It was so refreshing to play a live MTT (multi-table tournament) that I played 3 more small buy in no limit MTTs ($5, $10, and $40) respectively. No cashes in any events. I finished in the top 20% in the first two, and lasted 4 hands in the $40, when I reraised a LAG (who had played or raised all of the first 3 hands) with QQ, and he pushed with his AKs.

I faced AK and AKs 6 times with a pocket pair. An A flopped on all 6 occasions, however in one hand, I rivered a set.

I try not to be superstituous, but by the end of the day I couldn't help feeling dread whenever the cards are turned over and I see the dreaded AK.

I love the comments people make online, "Finally, AK holds up". lol

Hmmm, all these tournament entries without a cash can add up. It is odd. I feel fine with the 7 odd hours of poker I played today, but I'm down several hundred dollars. Playing limit side games well for 7 hours rarely produces negative results. Oh well, at least it was a break from the usual.

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