Saturday, July 30, 2005

"An Ace on every flop"

In an effort to keep poker fun, and not just "interesting", I decided to again enter the weekly no-limit $120 buy-in $60 rebuy/addon at the local poker room.

I was quite happy with the way I played. My tournament life was never at stake until my very last hand. I was completely card dead for the first 2 levels, but I picked up enough playable hands in later rounds.

In the middle rounds I was very lucky because I picked up a number of medium strength hands that I got all in preflop where I had my short stacked opponent dominated, e.g. 99 vs 77, AK vs A9.

I made one bad laydown in level 3 where I didn't make a continuation bet on an A high flop when I flopped a pair of Ks, and folded to my opponents bet. He flashed an underpair 8s.

I was able to steal enough blinds in the 5th and 6th rounds to keep a big enough stack to afford to keep stealing. That's kind of funny, but that is the way no limit tournaments work.

In early level 8, I was almost exactly an average stack with 45 players remaining. I had only 8 BB remaining (the structure is very fast in this tournament, and the blinds had just doubled). It was folded to me 2 off the button, and I looked down and found 2 black Kings. I made the minimum raise because the player on the button had a tendency to come over the top all in with hands as low as any medium Ace. The button did push all in, and he had me covered. I called, and he showed ATs.

The title of this post says it all, and I didn't catch up.

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