Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The ugly abyss

One big fault I have had in recent times is that I have put essentially no work into maintaining my support network. This is not a recipe for long term sustainable success.

Without going into specifics, I have undergone the worst 3 online cash game sessions of my career in the past few days.

Having people who understand such times and who can provide guidance would be very helpful right about now.

Shame shame


Dr. Pauly said...

Hang in there. Take a break. You'll be better once you step away from the game for a few days.

cc said...


I think deep dive analysis is what it's about now, or at least that's what's it taken when I've had a horrific slide (-40% bankroll drop in two weeks). There were leaks that had creeped in during my slide, not the beginning but in the middle. The other thing more significant which you've mentioned is jump-starting your network. Most online pros seem to have a strong network of friends that they network with alot. You have alot of goodwill out there, so I think you should find other solid players who you can help later and get support from. You'll probably do more giving than taking, but it's all good regardless.

d said...

Thanks for the advice and support guys.

I'm definitely taking a break at the end of this week. Hopefully, I won't be in a tangled wreck by then...