Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Embarrassing realization #1

I've played in exactly 4 big buy-in tournaments ($10k or greater).

Of those 4 tournaments, I have been all in exactly 5 times.

Of those those 5 hands, when the money went in, I was ahead exactly 1 time. In fact, in that particular hand I was a whopping 60/40 favorite.


KenP said...

So? Based on the info, there isn't a valid answer. There are times you play any two cards and it is correct.

Based on only 5 all-in plays in 4 tournaments that is a more important fact. You can play without the silliness that often is part and parcel of smaller buyin tournaments.

So, I'll say a tenative, "Nice going, Guy!"

Fuel55 said...

For crap's sake DUDE, post something!!!!!!