Friday, January 13, 2006

nothing of interest

I've played about 10k hands of limit hold'em this week (combined online and live, naturally heavily skewed towards online), and there was not one interesting hand or situation that came up. BORING!! The only reason I am making this post is because of superstition. Very frequently after I write a post about how things are going one way, things immediately deviate. Here's hoping to keeping up the tradition.... "May you live in interesting times..."

Yes, yes, I know it is bad luck to be superstitious...


According to the forums at 2+2, Elky has just reached SuperNova status at Pokerstars. What a maniac!! 100,000 VPPs in less than 13 days! Elky is a 23 year old professional gamer (a native of France who moved to Korea a few years ago to play Starcraft professionally). He is positively inhuman.

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