Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quick summary, part 2

One other thing I forgot to write about was the Bellagio tournament. I played one single table satellite for the Sunday $500+$40. It costs $130 to enter, and it pays the final two players a $540 entry plus $30 cash. The satellites have 15 minute levels (unless the satellite starts less than 1.5 hours before the start of the tournament, in which case the levels are 12 or 7 minutes depending on available time). I finished in level 5, a disappointing 6th.

My excuse is pretty much the oldest and lamest one that tournament players make - I didn't catch any cards. I played exactly 2 hands during the entire SNG. Even the hands that I mucked didn't hit any flops, so at least I didn't have any regrets. Yup, I can whine and bitch like the rest of them....

My best hand was during level 4 when I was dealt the monster ATo on the button when I had about 6x BB. MP+1, with an average stack, open pushed. It was folded to me. I had been folding so much that, SB (a big stack, and a reasonable player) called out of turn. This made my decision easy, and I mucked.

How about the hands that I did play?

1st hand: A complete maniac who had built his stack as large as 3x the starting chips in round 2, had dwindled to 3x BB at the start of level 4. He open pushed in MP. It was folded to me in the BB (I had 10x BB). I'm getting 2.25:1, so I announced that I would call him in the dark. He flips over the computer hand (Q7o). I flip over....63o. Nice. The 65% favorite holds up.

Last hand: It is finally folded to me preflop (first time in about 2 orbits) in MP+2 while I've got 3x BB, and I look down and find a beaut J3o. I immediately push. Folded to the button who is a reasonable player. He thinks for 3 seconds. When he starts to put chips in the pot, I'm at least relieved to see that he pushed all his chips in the pot (~18BB). That's got to be a mid pair. Everyone else folds. He shows 88, and I don't improve.

Yup, I spent an hour and 10 minutes of my time to play 63o and J3o. Very productive...

There were no more satellites running before the tournament, and I elected not to buy in directly.

The satellite I played was entertaining though. It is amusing to watch players who have absolutely no idea how much to bet. Open for $700 with $50 blinds. $100 into an $800 pot. I certainly would intend to play more of these on subsequent Vegas trips.

Actually, does anyone know what happens if you win more than one of these? Does the TD allow you to take $570 cash for a 2nd win?

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