Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No (online) poker for a few days

Well, tomorrow is moving day. We are basically just moving across the street from one apartment to another. The reason for the move is that we decided we want to live on the top floor due the increasingly annoying noises of our upstairs neighbor.

Anyway, SBC tells me that our DSL isn't expected to be back up until Monday. Gasp! So does that mean no poker for a few days? Haha, yeah right!

I will have to make do with playing live poker this weekend. I'll probably play in 2 (~$125) rebuy tournaments and then mostly $20/$40 LHE besides that. For some variety, I may also try some $6/$12 Omaha for the first time. I probably won't even be able to remember my hole cards....


25 more days until my next big live tourney...

45 more days until my trip to Foxwoods...

71 more days until . . . another trip to Vegas... (I started to write "next" trip to Vegas, but who knows, I might take an opportunity again to go before that...hehe)

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