Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Long weekend in Vegas

Well, my wife agreed on spending the long weekend in Vegas. Thanks baby! It should be fun. Our last outing there was about a year and a half ago.

We'll be in town for less than 48 hours. We've seen quite a number of the shows and sights before. Hmmm, I wonder if it is worth the ticket price to see Lance Burton. The trip is short enough that I think we won't be bored if we don't see one of the big shows. Any of the big shows probably runs about $100 per ticket. In many cases, I suspect it is not good value. The only big show I've ever felt was worth it was Mystere.

I'll try to do some research on some good restaurants to try out. We'll probably go to one or two buffets (Paris and/or Aladdin), but no more than that. For one thing, we are not huge eaters anymore, and secondly we take a ~very~ long time to enjoy a buffet. I would like to find at least one very nice restaurant for us to go to. Food is the one thing we can definitely both enjoy together.

We'll definitely check out the Wynn, and I'd like to stop by the Rio to take a look. The events at the Rio this weekend are pretty lame though; probably to give the serious players a chance to take the weekend off.

Poker-wise, I think if I play for roughly 3 hours, it will be tolerable for my wife. I can get by with substantially less sleep than her, but since we are not staying on the strip this probably won't provide any increased opportunities to play. I really don't know how to allocate the time. Excitment-wise, I think the best choice for me would be to play in a supersat for the Main Event. Opportunity-wise and minimized-variance-wise, I think I should try mid-stakes limit cash games at either the Wynn and/or Bellagio poker rooms. (I have never played poker in Vegas)
At this point, I think the best choice for me is to play limit hold'em cash games. I am feeling very confident in my live limit game right now. I've made zero mistakes in the last 3 session hours, and the mistakes I made in the preceeding 3 session hours were very minor. My confidence is high, and that is quite important. I think if the 15/30 games look good, it is the correct choice. Hopefully there will be a lot of tourists playing, and hopefully more of the pros will be resting on the long weekend. :P (not likely!) Results from 3 hours could be all over the map, so I really have to remember to leave the table in a calm state of mind regardless of the outcome.

So long as we don't get stressed out on the trip, and take a few nice pictures (I hope we can get one of the xxyyxx exit sign this time!!), we'll be happy. If we can pick up a few things while shopping, that would be a big plus too.

Hopefully the heat won't be too bad The forecast calls for a high of 106 this weekend. Yikes! At least it is a dry heat.

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