Friday, May 25, 2007

Amusing bad beat story

I was sitting next to a player from Minnesota today in my local $20/$40 LHE game. The nice gentleman told me about a hand from Cantebury Park that is easily the worst bad beat story, in relative terms, that I have ever heard about in LHE.

hand #1
$8/$16 LHE Jackpot table (Jackpot is $80k, Aces full or better beaten where both cards must play in both hands and an Aces full hand requires the holder to have at least one Ace, 50% goes to loser, 25% goes to winner, remainder of players at the table split the last 25%)
There is a 5 bet/street cap in this cardroom. I don't know the position of the players or the sequence of bets, but it is not important.
preflop: betting is capped preflop with at least 3 players who hold the hands AA, KK, and 77.
flop: AKK, the betting is capped, and at least those 3 players continue in the hand
turn: AKK7, some action
river: AKK77, some more action

The AA player has over $39k of equity on the flop. Mister 77 has about $2.5k of equity.

To put things in perspective, a 300BB bankroll for $8/$16 is $4800. The number of Sklansky bucks that AA lost is 7.6x a full bankroll (almost 2300BB). positively sick!

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