Sunday, April 08, 2007

Concrete example of good table selection

hand #1
Live $6/$12 LHE, 9 handed
preflop: Villain1 limps UTG, Hero raises w QhQd, muck, Villain2 cold calls, muck, button calls, SB calls, BB calls, Villain1 calls (6 players, pot size 12 small bets)
flop: AsQs8h, blinds check, V1 bets, Hero calls, V2 calls, button mucks, SB calls, BB mucks (4 players, pot size 16 small bets)
turn: AsQs8hJd, SB checks, V1 bets, Hero raises, V2 cold calls, SB mucks, V1 calls (3 players, pot size 14 big bets)
river: AsQs8hJd3d, V1 checks, Hero bets, V2 calls, V1 calls

On the 4 streets, Hero has 3rd nuts, 2nd nuts, 4th nuts and 4th nuts, respectively.

At no time is Hero raised, nonetheless, Hero is in 3rd place on the river. V1 has 2nd nuts (Ts9s) and V2 has 3rd nuts (AhAc).

When V1 ~over~called, I made a speech while turning over my hand "If you guys can't raise, you can't win..."

I guess I need to work on my hand reading skills......

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Craig Cunningham said...

Calling with the almost nuts is the new LAG...